Oktoberfest Stein Auction


We will have a silent auction of the steins you see here at the Oktoberfest. They vary in size: 0.5 liter, 1 liter, 1.5 liter. Bidding will begin when the doors open, and close at 6:00pm with the final results. The steins are from the collection of our late Brother, Mike Groff. Thank you, Mike.

Winner of each smaller stein gets a FREE FILL.

Winner of the 5 liter stein gets a FREE FILL... IF you finish it all at the Oktoberfest, and keep it down all night!

Check back often, because more will be added.

Smaller Steins

St Nikolas Stein - 1L Germany

St Nick stein
St Nick bottom

Farmers Stein - 1L Germany

Farmers stein

Dancers Stein - 1L Germany    (Music box in the bottom of the stein)

Dancing music box stein
Dancing music box stein02

Hops & Malt Stein - 0.5L Germany

Hops & Malt stein
Hops & Malt bottom

Keinen Tropfen Stein - 1.5 L Germany  (Not a drop left in the stein)

Keinen Tropfen stein2

Nobility Stein - 1L Germany       (with clear bust at bottom of stein)

Noble stein
Noble stein bottom

Checkpoint Charlie Stein - 1L Germany (with Berlin Wall stone)

Checkpoint charlie stein
Checkpoint charle cert

Thieves Stein - 1.5 L Germany

Thieves stein

Military Stein - 1.5L Germany

Military stein2

Budweiser Steins (3) - 0.5L USA

Budweiser steins

Avon Steins (2) - USA

Avon Steins

Barenjager Honey Liqour Glasses - Germany

Barenjager glasses

Avon Stein - 1L USA

2021-09-04 10.53.39

Avon Stein - 0.5L USA

2021-09-04 10.53.55

Nurnberg Stein - 0.5L Germany

2021-09-18 11.20.58
2021-09-18 11.21.05

Dancers Steins (set of 2) - Germany

2021-09-18 11.30.06
2021-09-18 11.26.50

Our Pride & Joy

5 Liter Party Stein - Germany

5 liter02
5 liter01