Oktoberfest Football Squares


This will be a good one, don’t miss it!

Patriots v. Buccaneers, Sunday October 3rd, 8:20pm on NBC.

How it works:
1. Squares are $20.00 each. Purchase the number of squares you wish, up to a maximum of 10. Only 100 squares will be available.
2. We input the purchase into the computer, which randomly assigns numbers 0-9 to each square immediately before the game. These random numbers represent the last digit of the score for each team; column numbers for one team and row numbers for the other. The score at the end of each quarter will determine a square on the 10×10 grid.

Who wins:
1. The computer determines the winning square each quarter, and also after the final score.
2. Half of the proceeds go to the winners, half goes to Council 7052.

Winners receive: (depending on number of squares purchased):
1. Quarter winners: Up to $200 Gift Card
2. Final Score: Up to $400 Gift Card

We will contact the winners after the game finishes.

* If you have any questions, please contact Keith Caka at (936) 537-2764 or email him at keithcaka@gmail.com.

Availability: 69 in stock

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